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Northwind Forex gives remote trade related administrations, for example, cash changing (deal and buy of forex items), private abroad settlements (worldwide cash exchanges). The greater part of our exchanges are satisfied either through our own areas or through branches of our banding together banks and trade organizations. Utilizing Northwind Forex, clients can purchase offer paid ahead of time forex (travel) cards, cash notes, Traveler's chequesor send a settlement utilizing either Cheques or Demand Drafts or wire exchanges. Requests can even be entryway conveyed the area adjusting your request acknowledges entryway conveyance demands. All requests are prepared at Northwind Forex rates, which are to a great degree aggressive and superior to anything most banks' and cash changer's rates. Our rates are additionally superior to anything the ones that you'll get if you somehow happened to visit one of our accomplices specifically. Moreover, clients can likewise total an online exchange to offer their outside money at one of Northwind Forex's accomplice areas and get Indian Rupees (INR) in return. We offer to a great degree focused rate for money deal also.

Northwind Forex deals in the following currencies at present:

  • US Dollar
  • Euro
  • British Pound
  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • UAE Dirham


Prepaid travel foreign currency cards

Prepaid travel cards are VISA/Master cards like credit and debit cards, however with certain extra focal points. You can utilize prepaid cards at ATMs worldwide to pull back money and at most organizations all through the world. You can stack these cards with the sought measure of outside cash at a settled rate. A portion of the key advantages of prepaid travel cards are as per the following:

  • Most prescribed and most secure type of conveying cash these days. Prepaid travel cards are stick ensured, have configurable spending limits and are completely replaceable in the event of lost or stolen.
  • Usually available at better rates than currency notes (cash) and traveler's cheques.
  • Superior to anything credit/debit cards - With Prepaid Travel cards you abstain from paying the 2% to 5% exchange expense (Visa/MasterCard, Issuing bank expenses) that is charged when you utilize your global charge/Visa. Also unlike credit, debit cards you aren't susceptible to variable rates as forex loaded on your prepaid card is loaded at a fixed rate.
  • Helpful - can be re-stacked whenever. 24x7 client mind benefit.
  • Continuously accessible - not at all like remote money and voyager's checks, which are liable to accessibility, prepaid cards can be stacked with any measure of outside cash whenever.
  • Travel cards (VISA or MasterCard) are acknowledged at most remote foundations (lodgings, stores and so forth.) with no charge.
  • Capacity to pull back money from ATMs abroad totally complimentary
  • Comes with a free insurance cover

Foreign Currency notes (Cash)

Money notes are consistent paper money. Albeit most well known, their utilization is declining as conveying money is the most dangerous. Cash notes are absolutely unprotected against misfortune and fakes. Smaller amounts of currency notes should however be carried for small and unplanned expenses.

Traveler's Cheques (TC's)

Traveler's cheques are pre-printed settled sum watches that must be marked twice, once upon conveyance and once at the season of utilization, to encash. Traveler's cheques have been losing fame and have been generally supplanted with prepaid travel cards. Albeit more secure than money notes, voyager's checks are not as protected as prepaid travel cards and are additionally not acknowledged by most remote foundations. It is in this manner prescribed to utilize prepaid travel cards set up of explorer's checks.

Demand Draft (DD)

Demand drafts are an extremely well known instrument for sending cash abroad. They are issued by a bank for a specific recipient (an individual, an organization or a foundation). Demand draftsare secured installment instruments and certification the accessibility of assets since a bank issues them. Hence, certain foundations, (for example, colleges and so on.) just acknowledge DDs and not individual checks. Request draft exchanges require the client to enter the recipient's close to home subtle elements.

Wire Transfer (TT)

Wire Transfers are also a very common method of remitting money overseas. Using this method, funds can be transferred electronically to a foreign bank account. International wire transfers are processed using the SWIFT protocol and require the customer to enter the beneficiary's personal details and bank details (bank name, routing number and account number).

Happy Customers

Very Supportive

I had a very bad experience with one of the currency exchanger before. I was little hesitated and scared to buy currency. But they assured me that i wouldn't face any problem with their company.

Balwinder Gill

5 Stars to the Service

First time I was purchasing forex online. I looked at the many websites. But the best rate was offered by them. So, i chose them. I had to order Canadian Dollar but mistakenly ordered USA dollars. I called the company on their helpline number and my problem got sorted within minutes and I even learnt how to book forex online. Thanks to the manager who helped me out with this. 5 stars from my side to this company.


Very quick and Fast

Thanks for the best service. I used the wire transfer service for paying my son's living expenses. He received the wire transfer in America in just 14 hours. I am very happy with your service. I also recommended your company to many of my friends.

Hardeep Sabarwal

Highly Professional and Efficient Team

I manage to get best rates from Northwind Forex. I urgently wanted to exchange my currency. I called their number but it somehow was switched off. So, I dropped the mail the very next minute i received a Call from them. I am glad they answer the calls and email even on the off days.. Highly professional and efficient team who understands the urgency of their client. We received our currency on their off day. Thank you so much.

Swardeep Singh

The Best Exchange Rate

I am an NRI. I Remember I was told I am their First Customer . The exchange rate offered by them was The Best. Everytime my wife visits India she exchanges her currency from them and we always receive a door delivery with best exchange rates. Thank You Northwind Forex.

Pargat Sabarwal

Cheapest Rates & Best Service

One of my friends suggested me to buy forex from Northwind Forex. I enquired through phone before visiting them. After enquiring them I checked the rates online and called few other companies for the rates too. But the rate I was offered by them was the best. I am happy I chose you.

Pooja Verma

Fully Satisfied

Northwind is one of the Best Forex Company in tricity offering best rates. After surfing online and checking rates, i finally got in touch with Northwind Forex. The rate i was offered by my bank and other companies had a lot of difference from what they offered. They do not only have best currency exchange rates but their service is extremely good. I am very much satisfied.

Gagan Cheema

Awesome ! Loving It

I was travelling to Singapore for my vacations with family. When I went to buy currency from them, they instead suggested me to take Forex Card. As I was travelling outside India for the first time, I got little petrified. But I am glad I agreed the way they said. It was so convenient and easy for me to use forex card.

Gurwinder Sarao

Just Fabulous

The best part of this company is they do what they say . BEST RATE , BEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, BEST BUYING RATE, BEST SELLING RATE. Thanks to my sister who suggested me to sell my currency to them. I was offered the best service.

Harpreet Saini

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